Pedestrian traffic lights detecting violations installed on Catania’s Circonvallazione

From Monday 10th June, on the Circonvallazione of Catania, pedestrian call traffic lights with the electronic monitoring system T-Exspeed will come into operation, which are able to detect violations of those who do not respect red lights and pedestrian crossings. The innovative high-tech device, based on real-time Computer Vision techniques, will initially be active between the streets Lorenzo Bolano, Andrea Doria, and Odorico da Pordenone and will allow sanctioning offenders after immediate detection of violations.

The new tool is strongly supported by the municipal administration to safeguard all users and in particular pedestrians, and will be progressively installed in traffic lights in many other parts of the city. At the same time, the municipality will replace older traffic lights with new generation ones and adjust waiting times for pedestrian crossings. This “smart” system, it is emphasized from Palazzo degli Elefanti, effectively replaces the municipal police officer stationed at each traffic light.

Catania, alla Circonvallazione arrivano i semafori pedonali che rilevano le infrazioni

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