Pd accuses violent attacks on candidate Petitto in Caltanissetta runoff

“In recent hours, we have witnessed a violent and shameful personal attack on the mayoral candidate of Caltanissetta, Annalisa Petitto, which has nothing to do with normal political discourse, especially from some political figures who, in addition to personal insults, have published photos of candidate Petitto upside down (later removed following numerous protests and reports), reminiscent of the darkest fascist period.” This is stated by the provincial president of the Democratic Party of Caltanissetta, Massimo Arena.

“Probably some representatives, not satisfied with having given credit (with photos and videos appearing on various social media) during the first round, to questionable characters from out of town spreading false and defamatory news, have decided to promote a hate campaign against the only female candidate who had only the fault, with her tenacity, competence, programs, and smile, of having defeated (democratically) the outgoing mayor in the first round,” Arena adds.

“I express, on behalf of the provincial Democratic Party, all my solidarity with Annalisa Petitto for these shameful attacks – he continues – and I hope that other regional and national representatives also take a stand and express their solidarity to candidate Petitto, working to put an end to the mudslinging and incitement to hate that could have serious and uncontrollable consequences.”

Il ballottaggio a Caltanissetta, il Pd accusa violenti attacchi alla candidata Petitto

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