Pastorale nel segno di don Pino Puglisi: Faith-illuminated legality

The content discusses a eulogy given by Archbishop Corrado Lorefice at a memorial service for Blessed Giuseppe Puglisi. Puglisi was a martyr who was murdered by the mafia thirty years ago. The eulogy highlighted Puglisi’s selflessness and dedication to the community, especially the youth and the poor. The Archbishop emphasized the importance of embracing love and faith in a world filled with violence and injustice. He called for unity and dialogue among different cultures and religions, and emphasized the need for active listening to the struggles and injustices faced by others. The Archbishop urged people to resist violence and power, and instead strive for a renewed sense of community and connection with God.

Pastorale nel segno di don Pino Puglisi: «Legalità illuminata dalla fede»

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