Partinico high school named after Impastato: Association Casa Memoria regrets controversial reactions

The Casa Memoria Impastato association intervenes on the change of name of the high school in Partinico previously named after Santi Savarino. The new School Board of the high school in Partinico has voted to rename the school “Felicia and Peppino Impastato” instead of Santi Savarino. This decision was significant but the process was difficult, with disagreements among institutions, opposition from the municipal administration of Partinico, and discontent among students.

The Casa Memoria Impastato association expresses satisfaction for the renaming of the school that Peppino Impastato attended in the 1960s, but also bitterness due to the challenges faced, including acts of vandalism against plaques dedicated to Peppino’s memory. The association plans to hold a debate/conference entitled “Who is still afraid of Felicia and Peppino Impastato?” on March 16th at Palazzo dei Carmelitani in Partinico. Speakers will include politicians and activists involved in the fight against the mafia.

The initiative aims to provoke a deep reflection on the continued fear and controversy surrounding Felicia and Peppino Impastato, symbols of the anti-mafia struggle.

Il liceo di Partinico intitolato a Impastato: «Triste che il suo nome crei ancora polemiche», dice l’associazione Casa Memoria

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