Parkrun celebrates its 300th edition at Palermo’s Favorita Park

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The Parkrun of the Favorita park in Palermo celebrates its 300th edition. Yesterday morning, around 150 people participated in the traditional event that takes place every Saturday morning: races and walks in the park, promoting the enjoyment of nature within the city and encouraging citizens to reconnect with green spaces.

The Parkrun covers a 5-kilometer course and is free to join. The initiative originated from England, specifically from Bushy Park in London in 2004, founded by Paul Sinton-Hewit. The Parkrun in Favorita was established six years ago and is held every Saturday thanks to the commitment of volunteers. It is an inclusive event where everyone can participate as they choose: running, walking, or with their dog. It promotes fitness and social relationships.

In its home country, the Parkrun has been recommended by doctors as a form of therapy, attracting participants from around the world. The tourism generated by Parkruns has brought visibility to the park and contributed to its redevelopment.

The movement in the city is still young but growing in numbers. The weather and the pandemic have influenced participation, and there are plans to potentially modify the event day. Despite challenges, there is optimism for the movement to expand. Currently, there are seventeen Parkruns in Italy and over 1,400 worldwide across 22 countries and 5 continents.

Palermo, alla Favorita la Parkrun spegne le candeline della trecentesima edizione

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