Parchimeters targeted in Carini: two damaged, thieves steal 100 euros

The article talks about the ongoing vandalism and theft of parking meters in Carini. Despite a recent arrest, two more meters were tampered with in the night. The thieves broke into the meters in Via Petrarca and Via Emilia, stealing around one hundred euros. The police are investigating the incidents and trying to identify the culprits. The mayor reaffirmed that they will not back down on implementing paid parking zones, despite the attacks on the Telereading company. The company also stated that they will remain in charge for the next three years and will press charges against those who damage their infrastructure or harass their staff. They also announced plans to connect the meters to real-time surveillance to alert authorities in case of tampering.

Parchimetri ancora nel mirino a Carini: danneggiati altri due, i ladri rubano cento euro

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