Pallanuoto: Telimar makes a comeback in Len Euro Cup, defeating Solaris Sibenik

In the second day of the LEN Euro Cup, Telimar, the home team, defeats Vk Solaris Sibenik 11-9. The game starts off slowly for Club dell’Addaura, going down three goals in the first half. However, they make a comeback in the second half with a 5-0 run and secure the victory. With this win, Telimar maintains the top position in Group A. CN Barcelona moves up to second place by defeating Tourcoing. The next game will be on November 1st in Lille. In the domestic league, Telimar will face AN Brescia. The players express their exhaustion but also pride in their performance. The coach emphasizes their determination and ability to play on the counterattack. Telimar’s president commends the team for their hard work and success amidst difficulties. The game statistics show Telimar converting 4 of 10 power plays, while Solaris converts 7 of 13.

Pallanuoto, il Telimar torna grande in Len Euro Cup: piegato il Solaris Sibenik

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