Palermo’s treasures from Palatine Chapel on display with Thesaurus: “Symbol of our civilization”

Thesaurus is a new exhibition opening tomorrow (Wednesday, December 13) at the Royal Palace of Palermo, showcasing a substantial collection of the famous treasures of the Palatine Chapel and other artifacts that support the significance of this UNESCO World Heritage site. The exhibition is a collaboration between the Federico II Foundation, the Edifici di Culto foundation of the Italian Ministry of the Interior, various lending institutions, and a group of Italian and foreign scholars. The exhibition features 56 artifacts from the Palatine Chapel, creating a document of universal cultural significance, with two contemporary works also on display. The exhibition symbolizes a civilization that embraced linguistic and religious pluralism while upholding the Christian faith, and represents the enduring interest and importance of cultural heritage. President Galvagno highlights the value of cultural heritage, emphasizing the importance of properly valuing and promoting it. The exhibition is a testament to the enduring significance of the Royal Palace and the cultural values it represents.

Palermo, i tesori della cappella Palatina in mostra con Thesaurus: «Simbolo della nostra civiltà»

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