Palermo’s Tari increases among waste and tax evaders

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Palermo overrun by waste, sidewalks overflowing with bulky items, a service – that of Rap – which is unsatisfactory would be an understatement. In the eternal emergency that grips entire neighborhoods like a vice, the Municipality increases the Tari. Yet another mockery, especially considering the previous increases in income tax and other municipal taxes. With a skyrocketing delinquency rate of 50%, the increase ends up – as always – burdening the pockets of the good taxpayers. Those who do not pay will continue to ignore it.

The decision came Tuesday night, after a fiery City Council meeting with shouts, insults, and constant suspensions. With a slim majority, approval was given for the increases in the Economic and Financial Plan (Pef) related to the Tari, which determines the amount to be paid to Rap to give new life to the company and improve its service.

That’s the point. How do you explain to citizens the increase in a tax, in the face of a service that is failing on all fronts? The Budget councilor, Brigida Alaimo, explains it this way: “It is undeniable that the service must improve and leaves no one happy. But this type of increase, which I call physiological, is an application of a method imposed at the national level by Arera (Energy Networks and Environment Regulatory Authority, ed) which cannot be discussed. We are facing a technical issue, not a political one.” According to ISTAT tables, the increases for Italian municipalities range from 9 to 10%. The Tari increase in the city shows a rise of 5%. An increase, therefore, contained compared to the average, but still an increase in a context that does not shine for efficiency.

A full report by Giorgio Mannino in today’s edition of Palermo’s Giornale di Sicilia in newsstands

Palermo, la Tari aumenta tra i rifiuti e gli evasori

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