Palermo’s slow progress: only 7 points more than a year ago, with more goals conceded

This article discusses how, after 29 matches, the numbers show that this year’s Palermo team is not significantly better than last season’s team, especially defensively. The team has conceded 38 goals so far, only three less than at the same point last season. The article attributes some of this to injuries affecting key players. Despite this, the team’s offensive performance has improved significantly, scoring 18 more goals compared to last season. The team currently has 7 more points and 4 more wins compared to last year. However, the team’s progress is not as significant as expected, with the same number of losses and fewer draws. The article also mentions the team’s economic growth, but notes that this has not translated into on-field success yet. Additionally, the article mentions a recent expensive signing in the winter transfer window. Overall, the article concludes that while the team is showing progress, it is not meeting the expectations of fans who hope for promotion to Serie A.

Palermo, andamento lento rispetto ad un anno fa: solo 7 punti in più di quando era neopromosso e più gol subiti

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