Palermo’s former player Elia close to signing with Serie B giants Spezia

Former Palermo player Salvatore Elia has found a new team. He had hoped to stay with Palermo, as he had mentioned in an Instagram post on May 22nd: “I hope to see you again soon, even though I don’t know what the future holds.” Now, two days before the end of the transfer window, his future is clear. He will still be in Serie B, but with the Spezia shirt. Atalanta, who owns his contract, has almost finalized the agreement for his transfer to Liguria. Alvini’s team will likely welcome the 1999-born attacking winger tomorrow. This is an important acquisition for Spezia after the departure of Holm (whose move to Atalanta is already certain). Elia had an unfortunate season at Palermo, as he was sidelined from the tenth to the thirty-eighth games due to a cruciate ligament injury. The cursed 11th minute of the match against Cittadella (0-0) at the Renzo Barbera stadium disrupted his plans, as well as Palermo’s, who had to rely on Valente (who played an excellent season). The Palermo management decided not to redeem Elia’s contract or pursue him with a different acquisition formula than the loan with the right to buy (the formula used when he was signed by Atalanta). He will now have the opportunity to redeem himself and showcase his talent at an ambitious club who wants to immediately return to the top league after being relegated from Serie A in the playoff against Hellas Verona. Official confirmation is expected in the coming days, and then Elia will be immediately available to coach Alvini, who wanted him so much. Palermo, as mentioned, was his last experience, with only ten appearances, three goals, and one assist.

Palermo, l’ex Elia ad un passo da una big della serie B: firmerà con lo Spezia

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