Palermo’s Ferrandelli and Canto join majority: “Lagalla is a mayor who can listen to everyone”

The majority of the mayor of Palermo is expanding and welcoming two new members, Fabrizio Ferrandelli and Leonardo Canto. This increases the municipal administration’s numbers, from an initial 24 to 26 city councilors, with the possibility of further additions. This decision comes after realizing the mayor’s open-mindedness and ability to listen, leading to common ground and a shared vision to uplift the city. Both new members stressed that their civic commitment and roles within their party, Azione, will not change. They highlighted common goals such as keeping schools open in the afternoon and fostering public-private partnerships. This move has been welcomed by the mayor as an important political operation that brings experienced members into the majority. The new members also emphasized that their focus remains on the city of Palermo, and not on other elections.

Palermo, Ferrandelli e Canto passano nella maggioranza: «Lagalla è un sindaco capace di ascoltare tutti»

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