Palermo’s Federica Picone on stage with Giacomo Civiletti and musician father

The article describes the journey of Federica Picone, a 29-year-old actress, from her childhood spent in theaters with her father to her current performances on stage alongside well-known actors like Giacomo Civiletti. Federica’s passion for the theater began at a young age, inspired by her father and other cabaret performers. She has studied acting, participated in workshops with notable filmmakers, and starred in a docufilm that will air on Rai1. Despite her diverse projects and roles in film and television, Federica finds the most joy in sharing the stage with her father, Stefano, whom she describes as her mentor and with whom she shares a special bond. The article highlights her upcoming performances in Palermo and the excitement of collaborating with Civiletti and her father on stage.

Teatro, la palermitana Federica Picone sul palco al fianco di Giacomo Civiletti e del padre musicista

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