Palermo’s Di Francesco still believes in Serie A, aiming to finish strong from Pisa onwards

In a recent interview, Palermo striker Federico Di Francesco expressed disappointment over the team’s unexpected 3-0 loss to Venezia. He acknowledged that they had prepared for the game in a specific way but things did not go as planned. Despite starting positively in the first 15 minutes, they struggled after conceding the first goal and failed to meet expectations. Di Francesco emphasized that the team remains united and determined to achieve promotion to the Serie A. He believes that the remaining eight games of the season are crucial and hopes for a strong finish to the season. The team will aim to bounce back in their next match against Pisa and deliver a positive result for themselves and their fans.

Palermo, Di Francesco: «Crediamo ancora nella Serie A, da Pisa in poi vogliamo finire in crescendo»

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