Palermo’s brutal beating on Via Cavour: the gang caught

The State Police, on delegation of the Palermo prosecutor’s office and the prosecutor for minors, executed two orders for house arrest with electronic bracelet and a placement in a community measure against 3 suspects, 2 adults and 1 minor accused of aggravated assault. On April 7th there was a violent street attack against two young people on via Cavour. One of the attackers headbutted one of the young people in the face, and then, after the victim fell to the ground, the other suspects assaulted him with kicks and punches in various parts of the body. The victim suffered injuries with a prognosis of 50 days, including facial trauma with fracture and damage to the right eye, requiring surgical intervention. Thanks to footage from surveillance cameras, the agents were able to identify the attackers, cross-referencing the data with witness testimonies of those who witnessed the attack and the social media profiles of the suspects.

Palermo, il brutale pestaggio di via Cavour: incastrato il branco

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