Palermo’s Bailey bridge repaired by citizens, but holes and inconveniences remain

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In Palermo, the Bailey bridge has been reopened by the citizens after being closed due to the risk of collapse yesterday afternoon. The barriers were torn down and access was restored. Cars, motorcycles, and heavy vehicles are once again passing through the military structure where a large hole appeared yesterday, revealing the river and vegetation below. Workers from Coime carried out patching interventions on the bridge. However, the area with the big hole at the entrance is still cordoned off. The barriers have already been torn down due to the passage of some vehicles.

Each time a vehicle passes through, whether it is light or heavy, the bridge responds to the stresses and the asphalt surrounding the crater dangerously bends under the pressure of the tires. Access was blocked yesterday afternoon around 4:30 pm by a patrol of municipal police, following calls from some citizens.

“Bailey bridge in Guadagna reopens but the potholes and inconveniences remain,” attacks the Five Star Movement councilor Antonino Randazzo. “We are waiting for a serious and real maintenance of the infrastructure and we propose to build a second Bailey bridge (about 2 years ago almost 500 signatures were collected with a petition launched by the merchants and citizens of the Oreto area) next to the existing one to create a dual carriageway, also in consideration of the upcoming works on the Oreto bridge.”

Palermo, ponte Bailey rattoppato e riaperto dai… cittadini: «Ma buche e disagi restano»

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