Palermo’s ASP fined for not paying Covid contribution to dental office

The judge of the V civil section of the court of Palermo, Emanuela Piazza, has sentenced the Asp of Palermo to pay the Covid allowance to a dental office to which the healthcare company had denied payment, believing that the regional law had been repealed by national emergency regulations. The dental office, like many others, provided healthcare services during the pandemic. The healthcare company will now have to pay almost 40 thousand euros between Covid function allowance and legal fees.

The dental office in Palermo, assisted by lawyers Alessandro Palmigiano and Marco Cassata, accredited, as required by regional law 9 of 2020, was supposed to be recognized for the entire Covid period with a function allowance equal to 1/12 of the budget allocated for 2019. A support for the additional and constant work carried out during the pandemic. But the healthcare company would have believed that article 4 of decree law 34/2020 had made the Region’s commitment void. The medical facility highlighted in the appeal that national law could not revoke a regional law in light of special and peculiar powers in the healthcare sector.

“The state law does not appear to be applicable to the case, also due to the lack of the objective prerequisite, namely the suspension of activity. In fact, the appellant never suspended healthcare activity during the emergency period to which the dispute refers, continuing to provide its services to users.”

L’Asp di Palermo condannata a pagare il contributo Covid a uno studio odontoiatrico

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