Palermo Ztl, operation reset after storm on white list.

The aim is to reset the whitelist of the Ztl in Palermo. Except for vulnerable people, the list must be completely revised, assigning the entire responsibility for inclusion practices to Amat. It is time to stop entrusting access keys to external parties (which has already happened) and finally start enforcing the technical regulations, according to which it should be the urban transport company that manages the “traffic” of those who have the right to enter the restricted traffic area for free. It will be a lot of work, but it must be done. “Amat will take back the management of white list inclusion to act with the strictest control and prevent abuses or inaccuracies,” the mayor guaranteed.

Yesterday morning, in fact, Roberto Lagalla met with the company’s president, Giuseppe Mistretta, and other actors who will have a role in organizing a system that is foolproof against abuses or, to be more lenient, excesses.

A comprehensive article by Giancarlo Macaluso in the Palermo edition of the Giornale di Sicilia

Ztl di Palermo, dopo la bufera sulla lista bianca parte l’operazione reset

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