Palermo Ztl, Amat launches internal investigation: Easy accreditation under X-ray

The investigation is not only on the plates inserted in the whitelist of discord. Also within Amat di Palermo, they are trying to understand where the glitch, misunderstanding, or tilt occurred that allowed over 10 thousand free passes to circulate in the Ztl.

President Giuseppe Mistretta, who had initiated that revision on authorizations as a simple act of ordinary administration, now finds himself between two fires: the representatives of entities, institutions, and associations that must justify the accreditations and the partner Municipality, which now, through the analogous control office on participations, wants accountability and reason. The note, signed by the new councilor Brigida Alaimo, concerns the management of credentials granted to outsiders of the transportation company and the financial damage due to the lack of payment of accesses. A system that would have generated, as claimed, a disproportionate number of improper accreditations with an estimated damage to the Municipality of about one million. The councilor and the manager Roberto Pulizzi are awaiting a detailed and punctual report on the situation as soon as possible. And they ask if a report to the judicial authority has been filed in the meantime.

A complete service by Connie Transirico on the Palermo edition of the Giornale di Sicilia in newsstands today.

Ztl di Palermo, l’Amat avvia un’indagine interna: ai raggi X gli accrediti facili

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