Palermo workers protest: No Christmas lights or New Year’s concert

Today in Palermo, there was a meeting of Amg Energia staff with the Filctem Cgil, Femca Cisl, and Uiltec Uil unions. The workers’ assembly, held in Scaffa square, the headquarters of the municipal subsidiary, decided to block all non-essential activities carried out in overtime from today onwards. This includes Christmas period interventions, such as providing electricity for lighting Christmas trees in different districts and assisting with the New Year’s concert. Only services essential for public safety will be guaranteed, while the rest will be suspended until a meeting with the prefecture takes place. The unions also expressed concerns about the renewal of the service contract with Amg Energia and warned of potential mobilization and strikes if their demands are not met. The risk is that the city’s needs may not be met, leading to traffic lights being out, dark streets, and general inconvenience for the city. The unions also addressed the mayor’s request for Amg to provide observations within 30 days regarding the president of the Cda’s statements about potential financial loss due to increased services requested by the municipality.

Palermo, protestano i lavoratori di Amg Energia: niente luci per gli alberi di Natale in città e per il concerto di Capodanno

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