Palermo, work on crumbling roads: first three lots awarded

This time there is a signing on the first three contracts of the framework agreement. The Public Works area has signed agreements with “Almeida Srl costruzioni”, “Isap Srl”, “Vin.To Srl”. These are three of the companies awarded the lots (corresponding to the districts) of the four-year agreement for road reconstruction and patching works.
The first to start will be the company “” which will open the construction site in via Castelforte, starting from around April 8th (and we are in the seventh district). Following, but with no start date yet, Almeida will deal with the second district (Brancaccio Oreto) and Isap (fourth district) for corso Calatafimi and surrounding areas.
A complete service by Giancarlo Macaluso in the Palermo edition of the Giornale di Sicilia.

Palermo, lavori sulle strade dissestate: aggiudicati i primi tre lotti

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