Palermo, Vito Chimenti’s deeds and memory in Enrico Buccheri’s new book

The new book “Vito Chimenti: un eroe rosanero” by Enrico Buccheri, published by Kalos, recounts the victories and the enduring love for the rosanero jersey. The book was presented at the Renzo Barbera press room, where Chimenti captivated thousands of fans. The author was inspired to write the biography by the enduring legacy of Chimenti’s bicycle kicks, spectacular goals, and unforgettable moments on the field. The book also delves into Chimenti’s personal life, including his sudden passing at the age of 69. Buccheri highlighted Chimenti’s humor, love for his family, and his deep connection with the fans, who reciprocated the love he had always longed for. The book serves as a tribute to a beloved hero, ensuring that Chimenti’s legacy lives on in the hearts of new generations.

Palermo, le gesta e il ricordo di Vito Chimenti nel nuovo libro di Enrico Buccheri

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