Palermo: Urban guerrilla for the flames – glass bottles thrown at firefighters and police in Albergheria.

The article describes a series of attacks on firefighters and law enforcement officers as they intervene to limit the damage caused by fires in Palermo. A sort of urban guerrilla has erupted in the Albergheria district, where the phenomenon is more widespread. In the Ballarò area, large piles of wood were set on fire, prompting residents to raise the alarm. The response to the arrival of the firefighters was violent, with individuals throwing glass bottles and wooden pieces at the vehicles. Similar incidents occurred in the Kalsa area, where the police and fire brigade intervened to extinguish fires caused by piles of wood. In Via Carmelo Lazzaro, a firetruck’s window was shattered by stones thrown by a group of individuals. The article also mentions fires in other areas of the city, with mattresses, wood, and appliances being set on fire in different locations. The intervention of law enforcement was necessary to prevent further incidents.

Palermo, guerriglia urbana per le vampe: all’Albergheria bottiglie di vetro contro vigili del fuoco e polizia

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