Palermo thief caught inside Giornale di Sicilia: third incident

The article describes a thief who was caught trying to break into the offices of the Giornale di Sicilia in Palermo. The thief entered through the garage and hid in a storage room, hoping to act undisturbed once the security service had finished its rounds. However, a security guard noticed some moved objects and discovered the thief, who was then caught and reported to the police. While the police were identifying the thief, another alarm went off on the upper floor, but the intruders had already left, leaving behind evidence of possibly three people. This attempted theft is at least the third similar incident that has occurred in the past few months at the Giornale di Sicilia offices, including the Tgs editorial department.

Palermo, ladro fermato all’interno del Giornale di Sicilia: è il terzo episodio

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