Palermo students meet 2 Gambian migrants, including rosanero Marong, promoting school inclusivity

A day promoting inclusiveness at the Fiaba Institute in Palermo. Fifth-grade students, along with headteacher Roberta Morici and teacher Marilena Mazziotta, met two 23-year-old boys from Gambia, Yusupha and Bubacarr, who arrived in Italy between 2016 and 2017. They shared their difficult childhood experiences in the smallest and poorest country in Africa until they decided to seek a better life in Palermo. This is a multidisciplinary project developed annually by the institute in class on October 3rd, the Day of Memory and Welcome. One of the boys, Bubacarr Marong, surprised the students as he is a player for Palermo’s Primavera team. He spoke about his challenging journey from Libya and his dream to excel in football. Yusupha Sanjang, a 23-year-old cultural mediator for Doctors Without Borders, also shared his story of integration and success in Italy. He emphasized the reasons behind migration and the aspirations of those who leave their homeland. The project aims to raise awareness among students and encourage reflection on the experiences of migrants.

Scuola e inclusione: alunni di Palermo incontrano 2 migranti del Gambia, tra loro il rosanero Marong

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