Palermo students force Milan teens to withdraw 450 euros, three jailed for robbery

Carabinieri from the Palermo Piazza Verdi company carried out a precautionary custody order in prison, issued by the judge for preliminary investigations of the Palermo court, at the request of the public prosecutor, against 3 Palermitans, a 27-year-old boy and two 39-year-old men, already known to law enforcement. They are accused of aggravated robbery against two 18-year-olds, students from a Milanese high school.

The incident took place one evening in late September of last year, in the center of Palermo, in a side street of Via Roma. The suspects would have approached the two young men under the pretense of a cigarette and, once surrounded, forcibly escorted them to an ATM to make bank withdrawals against their will, managing to seize a total of 450 euros.

The investigation, carried out by the military police of the Piazza Marina station, allowed – thanks to the careful analysis of the surveillance camera footage of the banking institution where the ATM was located – to identify the perpetrators of the robbery, of which the investigators reconstructed all the phases.

The three are currently detained at the Lorusso Pagliarelli prison in Palermo.

Palermo, costringono due studenti diciottenni di Milano a prelevare 450 euro: tre finiscono in carcere per rapina

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