Palermo struggles at home: a change of pace is needed against Lecco

The 1-1 draw against Spezia left behind a trail of enthusiasm for the heart shown on the field, but also a feeling of missed opportunity against a team that didn’t start the season well. To stay in the top positions in the league, Palermo needs to replicate their good performances in away games in their home matches. Sunday’s match against Lecco presents a good opportunity to bounce back and earn three points at the Barbera stadium, although the game won’t be easy. Lecco recently secured their first win in the Serie B after 50 years, and they have shown determination in their previous matches. Palermo needs to maintain their focus as leaving more points behind could distance them further from the top teams, Parma and Catanzaro. Palermo has had a strong start to the season, especially in away games, where they have earned 13 out of 15 possible points. However, their home record is not as impressive with 7 points out of 12. They will need to improve their performance at home to maintain their position at the top. The support of the fans will be crucial, as they have shown their impact in the match against Spezia. Palermo’s coach emphasizes the importance of the fans’ support, and the team hopes to have a significant number of supporters in every game. After the Lecco match and an away game against Sampdoria, Palermo will have to make up for a postponed match against Brescia and end the series of games by hosting Cittadella. The team hopes to capitalize on the upcoming matches and improve their home record. The fans will play a crucial role, as they did in the last match against Spezia. Despite missing out on the playoffs last season, Palermo’s strong start to the current season has been somewhat paradoxical given their limited success in home matches. They have won 6 out of 13 home games, with equal numbers of draws and only one loss. This success rate of 46% at home is not up to Palermo’s historical standards. The upcoming matches present an opportunity for Palermo to improve their home record before a tough match against Catanzaro on December 1st. The team has the potential to win all these matches, especially with the support of their fans. It will be important for Palermo to address the mistakes that cost them points in the last match.

Il Palermo in casa fa ancora fatica: contro il Lecco serve un cambio di passo

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