Palermo still facing waste emergency: open-air landfills from Zisa to Borgo Nuovo.

From Zisa to Borgo Nuovo, passing through Viale Michelangelo, open-air dumps are still present in Palermo. One on top of the other, the garbage bags form mountains of waste that invade sidewalks and roadways: the garbage from previous days, still not collected by the waste management company, is added to the fresher and daily waste now thrown away without any criteria, often surrounding dumpsters destroyed by flames from previous days.

Not even the areas a few meters from schools are spared. In Via Alia in Borgo Nuovo, a few steps from the Filippo Raciti institute, appliances, abandoned items, and organic waste have now taken over almost the entire sidewalk: the smell can be felt from tens of meters away and envelops the children entering school and the voters currently expressing their preferences for the European elections. It’s no better on Via Centuripe, where at the foot of dumpsters destroyed by fires from previous months, there are expanses of bags.

Residents no longer have the option to throw their waste in the designated areas, now reduced to skeletons, and so the only option left is the street, now infested by garbage and cockroaches attracted by food remnants. Rotting in the sun also a mini open-air dump right in front of the Colozza elementary school. The sidewalk is invaded by bags and even the dumpsters, recently emptied by the company in Piazzetta Cairoli, are overflowing again.

A Palermo è ancora emergenza rifiuti: resistono le discariche a cielo aperto dalla Zisa a Borgo Nuovo

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