Palermo: Sinkhole opens in Piazzetta Bagnasco, no intervention despite citizens’ reports

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A hole, a crater, appeared out of nowhere and left there in the middle of one of the lounges in Palermo, Piazzetta Bagnasco. In recent days, a crater several centimeters deep opened up in the middle of a pedestrian area, potentially very dangerous. Yet the area was not even cordoned off, with residents having to make do with signaling the danger.

How? By signaling the hole with a trash basket, used as a makeshift barrier. There was nothing else they could do: the hole is right in the middle of the square, frequented every day by thousands of people, just a few meters from bars, buildings, and supermarkets.

Residents say they have called the Municipality and the relevant offices several times, but no one has shown up so far, except for an Amap worker, to see if there were any underground utilities. It is not known for now who should solve the problem, due to the usual passing of responsibility. In the meantime, citizens wait, at least for the area to be cordoned off.

Palermo, si apre una buca in piazzetta Bagnasco ma nessuno interviene: i cittadini la segnalano con un cestino

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