Palermo sings «Notte prima degli esami» and receives a paint shower

A group of high school students had a scary adventure last night in the center of Palermo. They decided to overcome their fear of exams by reenacting a recent tradition. Dozens of young people from different schools took to the streets around 10 pm and walked around the schools where their exams would start the next morning, singing “night before exams.” However, their singing upset some residents near via Arimondi. When the group reached the Garibaldi high school branch, water was thrown at them from the balconies. This could have been dismissed as a harmless prank, but then they were hit with diluted paint as well. Many students ended up dirty and stained from head to toe. They claim that their performance would have ended before 11 pm and that they did not mean to cause any trouble.

Palermo, cantano «Notte prima degli esami» e ricevono un gavettone di vernice

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