Palermo shipyard launches cruise ship construction: Revitalization plans rely on large dry dock works.

The shipyard in Palermo is facing a lack of growth without the completion of a 150 thousand tonnage dry dock. The unions are calling for the infrastructure to be completed, as it has been stopped for 40 years. The dream is to build a cruise ship entirely in the city, competing with other Fincantieri facilities. The shipyard recently launched a luxury cruise ship for Oceania Cruises, with the bow section manufactured in Palermo and the rest in Romania. It will be assembled in Genoa. The construction of Msc Luxury will begin soon, and repair work for Saipem and maintenance for Virgin Voyages and Princess Cruises are scheduled. The completion of the 150 thousand tonnage dry dock is crucial for the shipyard’s future. The union emphasizes the need for long-term ship orders to provide work for skilled workers, and calls for investments to improve the facility’s equipment.

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