Palermo: Season of Blondes Soaring with Classics and Newness

Twenty-seven shows distributed between the Sala Grande and Sala Strehler, including eighteen productions or co-productions, a special project with choreographer Carolyn Carlson, a danced fairy tale with the artists of Aterballetto, and a grand exhibition to celebrate the ninetieth anniversary of set and costume designer Santuzza Calì. These are the highlights of the new season of the Teatro Biondo in Palermo titled In Volo, presented by director Pamela Villoresi and president Giovanni Puglisi in the presence of numerous artists. The season will kick off on October 12 with the return of the Motion, time, space workshop, which Carolyn Carlson will perform with students of the Teatro Biondo’s Acting and Stage Professions School. This will be followed by the national premiere of War and Peace by Lev Tolstoy, adapted by Gianni Garrera and directed by Luca De Fusco, with a cast including Pamela Villoresi, Francesco Biscione, Raffaele Esposito, and others. President Giovanni Puglisi states that they aim to envision this new season as a journey of transition, a collection of reflections, words, images, and concepts to guide the world towards an era of solid certainties and renewed humanism. They believe that theatre, in today’s age of uncertainties and disorders, can help understand history and the present, providing tools to read and transform reality. Through the recovery of classics and the proposal of new writings, they aim to bring the community together to discuss contemporary themes, share emotions, and joys. Director Pamela Villoresi reflects on their journey, describing how they have delved into the roots of culture and heart, spending precious time at the theater and enjoying themselves.

Palermo, la stagione del Biondo In volo tra grandi classici e novità

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