Palermo scores goal in first half, no comeback from opponents: first time since September 2nd.

In a surprising twist, Palermo scored in the first half against Brescia, breaking a long-standing taboo of struggling to score early in the game. Prior to this match, the team had only scored 3 goals in the first half, often being outscored by opponents. The match against Brescia marked a positive change, with Palermo scoring in the 27th minute and managing to resist the opposing team’s reaction. Despite the hard-fought victory, it was their third win at home this season, landing them in the third position. The team continues to struggle defensively, but the win against Brescia brought a sense of accomplishment for the team and their fans. The next test will be against Cittadella, where they hope to continue their success at home.

Palermo, gol nel primo tempo e niente rimonta degli avversari: non succedeva dal 2 settembre scorso

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