Palermo scam: Fake carabiniere steals 30 thousand euros and jewelry from elderly woman in Borgo

A fake marshal of the carabinieri in Palermo approached a 75-year-old woman from Borgo Vecchio and stole 30,000 euros in cash and jewelry from her. The mobile squad of the city’s police is currently investigating a series of similar scams. The gang has successfully carried out dozens of these crimes in recent weeks. The victim had received a phone call informing her of a “serious accident” involving a dear friend and requesting money for a life-saving surgery. Shortly after, while the woman was still in shock, a fake marshal from Calabria appeared and took her money and jewelry.

Palermo, truffa del finto incidente: al Borgo si finge carabiniere e porta via 30 mila euro e gioielli a un’anziana

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