Palermo remembers Libero Grassi: hope blooms on the red paint of blood.

The death of Libero Grassi marked the beginning of a new season of fighting against the mafia, striking at the heart of the civil society that had not yet been able to effectively deal with extortion. The memory of Libero Grassi is still alive in the hearts and minds of Palermo, and his legacy has been taken up by many associations and passed on to future generations through the tireless work of his wife Pina and his children Alice and Davide. The mayor of Palermo, Roberto Lagalla, along with other officials and representatives from law enforcement, gathered to commemorate Grassi’s memory at the exact time and place where he was murdered 32 years ago. Grassi’s rebellion and subsequent denouncement were pivotal in inspiring other entrepreneurs to resist the burden of protection money and report extortion attempts. A memorial poster was affixed at the location, and red paint was sprayed to symbolize the blood shed by Grassi. Plant saplings were also placed to pay tribute to him. Lagalla expressed the hope that a plaque could be installed to permanently memorialize Grassi’s memory. Davide Grassi emphasized the impact of his father’s sacrifice and the work of the associations, stating that it has provided an opportunity for the business world, although many still do not take advantage of it. The goal is to transmit these events to those who did not experience that era.

Palermo, commemorato Libero Grassi: sulla vernice rossa del sangue le piantine della speranza

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