Palermo: Region funds securing Monte Pellegrino’s cliff

The Sicilian Region will finance the safety measures on the northern slope of Monte Pellegrino in Palermo. This is part of a plan to mitigate hydrogeological risks, approved by the regional government. A total of 24 projects are included in the plan, with over 61 million euros available for funding. The aim is to secure entire portions of land and protect public safety. Some of the interventions are strategically important for transportation and connections within the area, requested for many years by the citizens. The city of Palermo also thanks the regional government for the approved plan, which will provide the necessary funds for the consolidation of the rock walls of Monte Pellegrino in the urban areas of Vergine Maria and Arenella. This will be in addition to the funds already allocated by the municipality for the project. The new regional plan proposed by the Sicilian offices includes funding for 24 projects in various municipalities, totaling over 61 million euros. These projects will focus on areas such as Messina Spadafora, Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, Limina, Patti, Rometta, Acireale, Caltagirone, Scordia, Racalmuto, Menfi, Misilmeri, Isnello, Valledolmo, Polizzi Generosa, Caccamo, and the rocky slope on the provincial road Palermo-Belmonte Mezzagno.

Palermo, la Regione finanzia la messa in sicurezza del costone di Monte Pellegrino

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