Palermo races against time as garbage piles up post May 1st: Rap works to clear backlog.

Truck from the waste disposal company Rap are driving around the city to collect the May Day routes, but some neighborhoods remain dirty. The garbage tax increases but the amount of waste doesn’t seem to decrease, and pedestrians are forced to step over piles of rubbish. In the Noce neighborhood, along the road of the same name at the intersection with Crociferi Street, a woman has to walk close to the walls of a building to avoid the garbage that has invaded the sidewalk. In Borgo Nuovo, while there are no bags in front of the schools, mini landfills are hidden in the inner streets. In Comiso Street, two stands with only skeletons remaining after several fire incidents, host piles of bags and bulky items resting on a bed of ash, once waste then set alight. The hustle and bustle of the Cairoli square is constant, but areas served by recycling remain with full bins and bags on the streets. So in some stretches of Cusmano Street, and in the Malaspina Street area: “They didn’t come to collect – a resident says – we hope that no more will accumulate and that we don’t have to go back a few months.”

A Palermo rifiuti in strada dopo il 1° maggio: corsa contro il tempo della Rap per recuperare gli arretati

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