Palermo: Public notice for accessing caregiver bonus

The municipal website of Palermo published a public notice for accessing the “caregiver bonus.” However, the funds allocated by the Ministry for Equal Opportunities, in collaboration with the Minister of Labor and Social Policies, are insufficient, with only about 282 thousand euros for the entire District 42. The city received over five thousand requests in the previous call, making the allocated amount inadequate. The one-time financial support is aimed at aiding family caregivers of individuals with severe disabilities. Caregivers in Palermo can apply for the grant through the social portal of the municipality. The disbursement of the funds will be based on the number of requests and the available resources indicated in the regional budget. The application form, available on the municipal website, must be accompanied by the required documentation. The City Council will work with the Region and the national Government to address the issue and ensure the situation does not repeat itself.

Palermo, avviso pubblico per accedere al bonus caregiver, Pennino: «Contributo irrisorio, mi batterò perché non si ripeta»

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