Palermo priest refuses autistic child in catechism: “She needs specialized support”

The mother of a 7-year-old autistic girl expresses her anger after her daughter was removed from catechism class for being disruptive. The parish priest, Don Vincenzo Monaco, claims he acted in the child’s best interest as she was not being properly cared for. The mother, who is a member of an autism association, criticizes the church for discrimination and questions their supposed inclusion of all. The priest argues that children with these difficulties require qualified catechists and that the girl’s lack of necessary documentation from another diocese prevented her from joining the class. The local government official in charge of social policies calls for inclusion and the training of personnel to support these children, emphasizing the need for collaboration between the church, the city, and associations.

Palermo, il parroco non accetta la bambina autistica al catechismo: «Va seguita da persone specializzate»

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