Palermo pool in the ball, waste of time, Anello: “Let’s find existing resources to support”

The construction of a prefabricated swimming pool inside the Pallone di Italia ’90, the structure near the stadium that served as the press room during the 1990 World Cup, is no longer certain. The former municipal sports assessor, Sabrina Figuccia, who was in favor of the pool, has been strongly opposed by her successor, Alessandro Anello. Anello, who has the same responsibilities as Figuccia, is in doubt about the feasibility of the project and is considering alternative options such as agreements with other public and private facilities. The existing swimming pool at Viale del Fante will be renovated using funds from the PNRR, and Anello is in talks with sports federations to find a temporary solution for the athletes. The only certainty at the moment is that the competitive activities of swim federations cannot be interrupted. Anello will soon meet with the Palermo at the Top consortium to find a solution to the pool issue.

Palermo, la piscina nel Pallone, solo tempo perso, Anello: «Inutile sprecare risorse, cerchiamo realtà esistenti a cui appoggiarci»

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