Palermo paralyzed after evaluation: City Council held hostage by reshuffle

The political tensions at the City Council of Palermo came to a head as the first meeting was adjourned due to a lack of quorum. The majority party members were notably absent, signaling the need for a reshuffle of the government before any progress can be made. Mayor Roberto Lagalla, who had previously insisted on focusing on the budget, now appears open to the idea of a reshuffle. However, he emphasizes the importance of all the current members and suggests that replacements may be the starting point. The presence of certain councilors, such as Andrea Mineo and Rosi Pennino, who were nominated by former regional coordinator Gianfranco Micciché, is no longer welcomed by Forza Italia, who now demand the right to decide on positions. Mineo has already switched parties to Fratelli d’Italia, hoping to retain his position in the government. This potential scenario raises questions and requests for action from the other parties involved. The situation remains delicate, with tensions and concerns about potential repercussions if any changes are made. The council members are awaiting the mayor’s response and hope for a resolution that does not disrupt the current balance of power.

Palermo, dopo il consuntivo la paralisi: il Consiglio comunale ostaggio del rimpasto

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