Palermo: Opposition councilors challenge Lagalla administration

Palermo’s opposition groups in the City Council are standing with the workers of Amg, the company in charge of public lighting in the city. The workers have declared a block on overtime work, including the lighting of Christmas trees and assistance for the New Year’s concert in the square. The opposition parties, including the Democratic Party and Progetto Palermo, express full solidarity with the workers and their unions, criticizing the administration’s decision on the service contract of Amg Energia. They are concerned about the impact on the quality of service to citizens and the rights of the workers. They promise to oppose any decision that penalizes the service and devalues the company, expressing support for the workers and against any form of privatization of local public services. Amella, a member of the committee for Participated Companies, also expresses support for the workers and urges the administration to reconsider its choices, promising to fight against the service contract in the City Council.

Palermo, la vertenza Amg: i consiglieri comunali d’opposizione contro la giunta Lagalla

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