Palermo, on the left the “picciotto” Di Chiara gains ground

Palermo is also working to strengthen the defense, a department that suffered a lot in terms of goals conceded in the past season. The situation is still evolving, especially because before making any sales, replacements for potential departures must be lined up. Several profiles are being considered for the defense. The track for Ferrari is still open, but Venezia has inserted themselves and has the advantage of playing in Serie A. The team also has a coach, Dionisi, who knows the 1992-born defender well.
Another player being considered is Nikolaou, a Greek defender at Spezia, whom Dionisi coached at Empoli. Gyomber, a Slovakian center-back from Salernitana, is also in the background. Palermo might opt to change other players, such as Lucioni who is liked by Spezia, and Nedelcearu, whose position is uncertain following the European Championships.
The left-back position is also uncertain, with Lund being a solid player but potentially leaving for the Copa America, and Aurelio possibly gaining experience elsewhere. The new name being considered as a left-back is Di Chiara, a Palermo native coming from Parma. De Sanctis is working enthusiastically to build a strong team that can compete for Serie A.

Palermo, a sinistra si fa largo il «picciotto» Di Chiara

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