Palermo: Offices of Family Department in via Trinacria left in the dark due to malfunctioning control unit.

A central unit malfunctions, causing the offices of the Regional Family Department in Palermo to be without electricity. The location has been in the dark since yesterday evening, June 12: after the fault was reported, technicians are working since this morning to restore the normal functioning of the system. Employees are present, but it’s not possible to carry out all activities: computers and other devices powered by electricity cannot be used. The absence of electricity also prevents the air conditioners from being turned on and the bathrooms from being used. There are also significant inconveniences and damages to the bistro bar located in the facility, where the refrigerators have been offline for several hours now.

Palermo, guasto a una centralina: al buio gli uffici dell’assessorato alla Famiglia di via Trinacria

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