Palermo nightlife venue owners in trouble for selling alcohol to minors on Easter

During this past weekend, security services continued along the streets of Palermo, as part of the “High Impact” safety protocol, involving police, Carabinieri, Guardia di Finanza, and ASP personnel. Several customers were identified and subjected to stringent checks at 5 commercial establishments. Some of these businesses were fined for violating the ban on serving alcoholic beverages in bottles for take-out after 10 pm, resulting in the seizure of several bottles of alcohol for five days. One business was fined for serving alcohol to a minor under 17 years of age. Additionally, irregularities related to the HACCP self-control manual of a commercial establishment were found, resulting in fines totaling nearly 2,500 euros. Similar checks were also carried out in the province, where the police chief of Palermo ordered the suspension of the license for the organization and conduct of dance activities inside a portion of a venue in Cefalù for seven days. This decision followed an investigation by the administrative and social police division, which considered information provided by the Cefalù police during territorial control services aimed at verifying the legality of certain licensed activities, with a focus on potential alcohol consumption by minors. It was revealed that on two separate occasions, alcohol was served to minors by bartenders during dance events within the venue. Due to the owner’s culpability in monitoring for failing to prevent these violations by their employees and risking the health of minors, the Palermo police chief has suspended the license to hold public events within the specified part of the venue for 7 days. The High Impact territorial control services will continue in the coming days.

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