Palermo: Niece of man punched for honking speaks out on “uncivilized city, unjustified attack”

Palermo has become dangerous, even risking one’s life while driving. This was experienced by the narrator’s uncle, who was punched in the face after reprimanding someone who cut him off with a scooter. The incident occurred at the corner of Via Ammiraglio Rizzo and Via Castellana Bandiera. The victim, driving a blue Fiat Panda, was attacked by a motorcyclist who got off his scooter and repeatedly punched him in the face. The uncle is now recovering but will require rehabilitation due to facial swelling. The incident has been reported to the police, who have access to video footage, photos, and the license plate number of the scooter. The narrator hopes that the perpetrator will be identified soon. She emphasizes that her uncle did not provoke the attacker and sounded the horn to express the near-miss collision. Instances of aggression and verbal abuse among motorists in Palermo are unfortunately common, often targeted at women.

Palermo, parla la nipote dell’uomo preso a pugni per il clacson: «Città incivile, mio zio aggredito senza motivo»

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