Palermo: New raid on illegal market in Albergheria, vendors flee, three tons of goods seized

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Police patrol again in Albergheria of Palermo against the illegal street vendors and those who invade the streets with furniture and clothing, often stolen, for sale in an illegal market. The support of the control room was crucial, as it allowed the authorities to monitor what was happening. The municipal police returned to the area just after 7 am yesterday morning. It is known that Sunday is the day when the market is held most frequently. Upon seeing the officers, five or six makeshift vendors who had occupied the street, especially via Majali, fled. The merchandise had been placed on the sides of the street, occupying parking spaces.

The officers proceeded to seize all the items found on the street, mostly furniture, clothes, and shoes. With the support of the Rap operators, everything placed along the street was collected. It was merchandise in very poor condition, weighing at least three tons. It was decided to take everything to the landfill for disposal. “If they think we will get tired, they are very wrong,” says the commander of the municipal police, Angelo Colucciello. “We will return to Albergheria, where most residents ask for order and cleanliness. The blitz is not only the result of using the control room but also of the reports that residents have made, tired of the usual degradation caused by these repeat illegal street vendors.”

Palermo, nuovo blitz al mercatino abusivo dell’Albergheria: gli ambulanti scappano, sequestrata merce per tre tonnellate

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