Palermo, music until 2 am in Mondello and Addaura: Tar approves with conditions

The article explains that despite the rejection of the appeal by residents regarding music in Mondello and Addaura until 2 in the morning, the Administrative Court (Tar) has put some restrictions in place to protect their peace and quiet. The Tar recognized the unclear nature of the regulatory data and pointed out some important aspects of the regulation, clarifying that establishments on the coastal strip are subject to specific rules regarding sound diffusion. The article also highlights the requirement for establishments in the coastal strip to conduct a sound measurement analysis to ensure compliance with emission limits set by the municipal zoning plan. In addition, residents have the option to request additional limitations from the Municipality to guarantee their rest if there are disturbances. The article also mentions that the law firm Palmigiano e Associati, represented by lawyers Alessandro Palmigiano, Marco Cassata, and Ornella Sarcuto, assisted the residents in this case.

Palermo, musica fino alle 2 di notte a Mondello e all’Addaura: il Tar dice sì ma con dei paletti

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