Palermo municipality approves three-year plan for public works

The municipal council of Palermo has approved, within the established deadlines and before the approval of the forecast budget, the three-year plan of public works 2024/2026. This comprehensive planning document, which includes 57 interventions for 2024 alone, aims to redefine the face of the city of Palermo and make better use of resources for the current year. The ambitious project includes, among other things, the enhancement of public transportation infrastructure to promote sustainable mobility, recovery and restoration interventions in the historic center, the valorization of assets confiscated from mafia organizations, eco-compatible redevelopment of the Bandita waterfront, and the strengthening and maintenance of the road network and public lighting. This program represents a commitment from the administration to its citizens, as stated by Mayor Roberto Lagalla and the councilor for Public Works, Salvatore Orlando.

Palermo, la giunta approva il piano triennale delle opere pubbliche

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