Palermo municipal dog shelter reopens with restrictions

In Palermo, the municipal sanitary kennel is reopening, albeit partially, in Piazza Tiro a Segno. The danger of leptospirosis spreading has been overcome following the hospitalization of a dog, thanks to a rat extermination intervention throughout the facility, disinfection of the kennels, veterinary therapies, and vaccination prophylaxis on the animals present. This will allow the resumption of veterinary activities. The municipal ordinance for the reopening sets out several conditions: the infected dog must be kept in a single box for specific therapy by the veterinary doctors; access to the isolation ward is prohibited except for authorized personnel equipped with appropriate PPE and specially designated veterinarians, with shoe soles disinfected in a special tray at the entrance; signs must be posted at the isolation ward entrance stating “access strictly reserved for authorized personnel only”; daily cleaning and disinfection activities in the isolation ward and periodic cleaning throughout the facility; extraordinary sanitization in all sanitary rooms (medical office, surgery room, microchipping room), open areas to the public in the cages; limited access to the public area, with barriers in front of operational areas, except for Reset personnel and veterinarians. Access to and return of animals will only be through Reset personnel.

Sanificati gli spazi, riapre il canile municipale di Palermo: ci sono delle limitazioni, ecco quali

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